What is Get it Out?

What: Get it out is a creative platform designed to empower high school students to engage in and take leadership of the conversation on topics that matter to them.

Who: High School Students Grades 9-12 (LA and Ventura County)

How: Express yourself! Create an original work expressing your thoughts, ideas, feelings and/or possible solutions.

“Get It Out!” is a creative platform for students. The aim is to identify pressing issues and engage with kids to gain insight, commentary and identify solutions.  Students have a strong voice and this is a constructive way to get their thoughts, feelings, ideas and solutions out. Students are invited to create works expressing their views, experiences and ideas in relation to various topics. “Get it Out!” is an effort to engage students and allow them to have a voice in issues that directly affect their lives.  Students submit via “Calls for Entry” aka creative invites in the following categories:

“It Shouldn’t Be This Easy” was created in 2014 with a team of students, including Ned Jacobs, our founding teen leader for Get It Out. Students worked with film mentors in response to a school shooting. This is an exceptional example of what students can create, given the opportunity.

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